We acknowledge that learning is lifelong. Educators implement age-appropriate pedagogies and enrich the environment by creating an inspired learning and development culture through curiosity. We draw on our experiences and knowledge to shape our early childhood education pedagogy and teach children to be able to rationalise their social standings and make them successful, competent, and capable learners.

We act with honesty, openness and consistency. We value feedback from the community and make decisions that are ethical and fair. We are committed to continuous improvement and consistently strive for best practice.

Our relationships are respectful, mutual and reciprocal and are built on trust, authenticity and ethical behaviour. In our interaction with children, our Educators demonstrate a passion for each child’s learning and development. 

We foster strong partnership with families and the wider community to create relationships of respect, trust, communication, consultation and information sharing. We recognise parents as their child’s first and most influential teachers.

We recognise that each individual, including first nations people and children with additional needs, has their own culture, beliefs, values and strengths contributing to our rich and diverse community. We recognise each child’s experience of learning and development. Educators implement responsive, equitable, individualised opportunities, and provide additional support if barriers to success are identified.

We are driven by the passionate pursuit of quality early childhood education. We are committed to continual professional learning and organisational development. We collaborate and explore new ideas and different ways of thinking and uphold ethical principles and professional standards to guide decision making and practice.

Environmental Commitment
We embrace our responsibilities within the world around us – to our children and communities, our people, our environments and the long-term sustainability of our organisation. We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint for our future generations.

Health and Nutrition
We pride ourselves in providing healthy and nutritionally balanced meals for our children and the wider community. We embrace ‘Family Style Dining’ to engage children and further develop their independence.


Social Justice
We pride ourselves in becoming a Child Safe Organisation. We embrace, advocate for, and invest in the rights of all children to access and actively participate in our programs. Educators and the service formally acknowledge and commit to the Early Childhood Australia Code of Ethics.