In a historic step for Queensland education and early learning, kindergarten will be free for Queensland families. Kindy will be free for eligible-aged children who attend a government-approved program offering free kindy from January 2024.

We know that a quality kindergarten program offers lifelong benefits. Kindergarten participation encourages a love of learning and leads to positive long-term outcomes for children. Research has shown that early childhood education plays a crucial role in shaping a child’s development and preparing them for future success. Families will benefit from FREE kindy regardless of whether they attend a sessional kindergarten or kindergarten in long day care. Free kindy is for the 15 hour a week kindergarten program (600 hours a year) delivered by a qualified early childhood teacher. Free kindy from 2024 will remove cost as a barrier to participation and improve educational outcomes for Queensland children.

Queensland Childcare Services has been operating for over 30 years delivering early childhood education to children in South East Queensland. QCCS is one of Australia’s leading providers of high quality, individualised care, and education of young children.

Our centres operate a Kindergarten Approved program facilitated by a bachelor qualified early childhood teacher. Our kindergarten program is an educational program designed and structured to meet the developmental and educational needs of our kindergarten aged children. QCCS believe Kindergarten should be a place where children can explore, learn, and grow in a nurturing and supportive environment guided by qualified early childhood teachers.

Our kindergarten program typically includes a variety of components and activities aimed at promoting a child’s cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development. Our kindergarten programs include:

  • Healthy nutritious meals provided by our own kitchen facility Healthy Cooking Company
  • In house accredited practising dietitian providing nutrition and physical activity programs
  • Second language program (ELLA program)
  • STEM program
  • Bush kind & nature program
  • Intergeneration program
  • Swimming lessons (Provided by a fully qualified swimming instructor)
  • Veggie fun program

*Programs are subject to centre location

For more information on Free Kindy visit the Queensland government website