Extra Services

Free bus pick up service

Queensland Childcare Services recognizes that not all families have access to private /public transport which is why we offer a complimentary bus pick up/drop off service across many of our centre locations. Please check with your local QCCS centre to determine whether they are offering this service.

Our bus drivers are very experienced in driving as well as the caring for the well being of children. Strict behaviour codes apply to all who travel on the bus, right down to how we embark and disembark the bus and all are equipped with relevant child restraints.

For safety reasons:

  • Excursion ratios are maintained at all times and each bus is fitted with a mobile telephone.
  • Where possible, buses are not permitted to travel along roadways where the speed limit exceeds 80km per hour.
  • All buses are members of the RACQ
  • The buses have regular 6 monthly inspections by the Queensland Department of Transport to ensure the buses comply with the Department’s regulations regarding public transport.

Due to the high demand for our service, certain conditions apply:

  • School children will be picked up and dropped off to and from designated local schools (see Director for a list).
  • Children not attending school may be eligible to use the bus if the child is unable to be transported to the centre otherwise, e.g. no car, emergency situations, this is at the discretion of the Director and only applicable for centres which pick children up from home.
  • The bus will only service a 10km radius around the centre.