Healthy Cooking Company Pty Ltd_Final_23082012 copyHealthy Meals

We believe food ingredients should come from the kitchen, not from a lab. From this belief came the inspiration to open our own production kitchen, the Healthy Cooking Company.

We aim to create and promote natural and wholesome food with a number of health benefits:

  • Preservative Free
  • No Artificial colours
  • No Artificial flavours
  • Low in sodium & refined sugar
  • Naturally sweetened with honey

We promise that our nutrition labels will be free of numbers so, there will be no need to decipher nasty food additives. We are dedicated to providing delicious food that your children will love.

Parents can rest assured that their little ones are being provided with a good start with healthy, nutritious morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea meals provided.

Organic baby food

Our nutrient dense baby purees are packed with the goodness of organic fruits & vegetables to nourish your little one, while allowing them to develop the taste for good and wholesome food. This menu has been designed to cater for each stage of your babies growth.

Pure & Simple 6‐8 months
Your babies first foods should be pure and simple. This menu is designed to help your baby learn the skills needed for eating, while maximising your babies willingness to accept new tastes.

Exploring & Learning 8‐10 months
As your baby begins to explore the world around them our meals evolve with them, introducing a wide variety of tastes and textures. This menu will introduce your baby to dairy, tomato, beetroot, legumes, grains, meat and poultry. This will also provide an opportunity to identify any food related allergies.

Developing Complexity 10‐15 months
Your toddler is in a phase of rapid learning, development and ever increasing complexity. Our meals nourish their bodies by providing a great variety of nutrients that support their growth and lay down the foundations for healthy eating patterns right into adulthood. This menu introduces fish, tropical fruit, spices, wheat and gluten.