Our Goals

Our ultimate goal is to ensure the healthy development of each child by providing a learning environment that encourages children’s engagement, curiosity, problem solving, independent exploration and appropriate risk taking.

  • To establish patterns of good eating and exercise for their present wellbeing as well as modelling this positively and enthusiastically to the children.
  • To create a safe, nurturing and supportive environment where children are encouraged to be children, enhance self-esteem and positively exercise their developing resilience, autonomy and initiative. 
  • To educate and role model long term sustainable practices.
  • To actively encourage participation and open communication with children, colleagues, families and wider community.
  • To educate and raise community awareness on the importance of child protection.
  • To actively immerse and engage each child’s lifelong exploration in science, innovation and mathematics that is meaningful and relevant in their world.
  • To develop and promote a professional working relationship with other service providers, schools and educational institutions to support the best interests of the children and their families in preparation for the transition to school.
  • To create an environment where staff are supported to pursue knowledge and gain skills to enable them to excel in the profession of early childhood education.