About Us

Queensland Childcare Services (QCCS) is a Privately owned and operated company which provides early childhood education to children in South East Queensland. Established in 1991, QCCS is one of Australia’s leading providers of high quality, individualised care and education of young children.

QCCS has seen a lot of changes and aims to be at the forefront of industry developments and trends. This is why at QCCS you and your child will experience an array of additional services including:

  • Interactive smart boards
  • Online, individual child portfolios
  • Fresh, nutritious meals made by our own kitchen facility, the Healthy Cooking Company
  • Physical activity programs
  • Introduction to a second language
  • Staff training and development delivered by our own training college, the Australian Institute of Early Childhood Studies
  • eWater sanitiser used throughout our centres as part of our commitment to providing a healthy learning environment
  • Transition to school programs along with transition statements

Our Centre’s operate a Kindergarten Program coordinated by a fully Qualified Early Childhood Teacher. We have successfully combined innovative developmental and educational programs, stimulating playscape environments and caring, responsible, experienced staff to help facilitate your child’s ability to develop to their optimum.

QCCS is committed to the implementation of the National Early Years Learning Framework and operates an Emergent Curriculum. An Emergent Curriculum is largely based around the interests of a child or group of children. As a child shows interest in a topic or activity, our educators facilitate this interest by providing resources and materials to help guide their learning, exploration and discovery.

Our first and foremost important goal is to inspire delight, curiosity, and inquiry in the classroom. These are the greatest gifts our teachers can give a child.

We encourage you to visit one of our Centres and discover the QCCS difference!