Toddler Program

The World Through the Eyes of a Toddler:
A World of Exploration, Fun, Caring, Challenges and a World for Me.

Toddlers explore, challenge and discover their environment in new and exciting ways. They are starting to perceive themselves as very special little individuals – they are begin to walk, talk, feed themselves in very creative ways and interact with each other.

At Queensland Childcare Services we provide individualised developmental programs and a wealth of developmental equipment within an enriched learning environment. Our staff will provide personalised care where each toddler can develop with confidence and positive self-esteem. This in turn will lay the sound foundations for their further development and successful learning in the years to come.

No Learning Without Movement

Children need to have an environment that is rich in hands on experiences, and Queensland Childcare Services is very aware of the importance of this. We have implemented a Perceptual Motor Programme (P.M.P.) in all our Centres, which is designed to stimulate the “brain power” of children. This helps children to learn about themselves and their physical and social environment through developing perceptual motor skills like:

  • Balance
  • Hand-eye co-ordination and strength
  • Self-esteem
  • Imagination
  • Co-operation
  • Language development and social skills

Reading, writing, spelling and mathematics are regarded as the “basics”, but, actually these are extremely complex neurological processes that require good sensory motor development. P.M.P. helps children to develop and gross and fine motor skills, visual and auditory skills. Children’s developing nervous system are influenced by a number of environmental factors, including the amount of opportunity to explore, experience and make sense of their environment. P.M.P. consists of a variety of developmental exercises that goes hand in hand with the individual child’s developmental pattern. P.M.P. requires specialised equipment and toys that are in use in our Centres.