Educator vacancies at QCCS

Available Roles

Centre Directors

When you take on your new role as a Centre Director you will be provided with an in depth induction and a Mentor to guide you to ensure you have all the knowledge and training you need to set you up for success. You will find our working environment supportive yet challenging – encouraging you to make a positive impact with the children and families at your service. Each and every member of the QCCS team are valued for their knowledge and passion and treated like part of the family.


QCCS are looking for Early Childhood Teachers who have heart-felt enthusiasm that encourages development and growth of social and academic skills that facilitate children’s later success in school.


As a QCCS Educator it is imperative you have excellent leadership skills to improve the quality outcomes of your services, ensure you are a confident role model for your colleagues and contribute to the positive team culture. You will facilitate and ensure the smooth running of the childcare centre that will benefit your staff, children and families.

Training and Apprentices

We are looking for Educators who want to make a difference in the lives of the children and families in our care.

Traineeships are available, these are at no cost to eligible applicants. A great opportunity if you have been thinking about getting into the Early Childhood Sector.